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Pathways to Calculus: Disseminating and Scaling a Professional Development Model for Algebra Through Precalculus Teaching and Learning

image for project Pathways to Calculus The Pathways to Calculus: Disseminating and Scaling a Professional Development Model for Precalculus Level Instruction Phase II MSP involves four Core Partners; Arizona State University, as the lead, and the Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale school districts. Supporting partners are: Brigham Young University, the University of Northern Colorado, the University of Georgia, Northern Arizona University, and Scottsdale Community College.

This Phase II project builds on the work of Project Pathways, a targeted MSP that identified attributes of professional development for secondary mathematics and science teachers that resulted in substantive and sustained improvements in student learning, as documented by student performance on district exams, state exams and research-based tools. The Phase II project leverages the research-based processes and tools that emerged in Phase I research to be highly effective for shifting teachers' instruction to be more inquiry-based and conceptually oriented.

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Students' images of problem contexts when solving applied problems

This article reports findings from an investigation of precalculus students approaches to solving novel problems. We characterize the images that students constructed during their solution attempts and describe the degree…

The Unit Circle and Unit Conversions

While the unit circle is a central concept of trigonometry, students' and teachers' understandings of trigonometric functions typically lack connections to the unit circle. In the present work, we discuss…

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Additional Resources of Project Pathways

This video highlights some resources that are available to students including online resources and applets.

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